Landlord Services


As the owner of a small-scale rental property, you may be undecided about whether or not to use a property management company. Especially if you've never managed an income property, it can be tempting to assume that property management duties amount to "find tenants, sign lease, receive rent check," along with handling some minor maintenance issues from time to time.

In reality, managing tenant relations, staying on the right side of the law, being on call for any emergencies that come up, staying on top of home maintenance, conducting periodic property inspections, and handling the accounting and taxes can be a time-consuming effort.


In general, our services include:


1. Screening potential tenants

2. Performing service calls

3. Scheduling maintenance

4. Handling the collection of rental payments. 


In addition, we go to the homes 2 times a year to take pictures and put our eyes on the property making sure your investment is safe.



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