Property Management

In general, hiring a property management company is more economical than most people expect, especially when you consider what you get in return---money coming in each month in the form of rent checks, without the time commitment of managing a property.


Often times when landlords manage their own properties, the relationship lines get blurred between the tenant and landlord resulting in payments that are not on time or tenants not taking care of the property the way the landlord would like.  What you'll pay your property manager will vary depending on what services you require, the type of property you own, and where your property is located.


In general, our services include:


  • Screening potential tenants
  • Performing service calls
  • Scheduling maintenance 
  • Handling the collection of rental payments. 
  • In addition, we go to the homes 2 times a year to take pictures and put our eyes on the property making sure your investment is safe.


Put our experience to work for you!



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